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When I was in Havana, visiting my great Aunt Ninita she told me spring was her favorite season because its when all of the the world was in bloom in every way.  It was the time of year when all of our labours gave fruit.   I can’t see a flower poke its way through the concrete  or help but feel hopeful as the days get longer without thinking of her. Ninita will never know what a lovely gift she gave me with her appreciation of spring but it’s one of the things I will be forever grateful to her for.

This spring has been amazing.  Ana Sofia and I launched our new company LA FILOSOFIA,  I booked a small part in a movie with a recent Academy Award nominee and a favorite director and I actually submitted fellowship applications whose deadlines I’ve always missed in years past.  I’ve even taken a watercolor class.  But my favorite part of spring has been the things I’ve noticed now that I’m not too cold to look up.

Here are a few highlights and HAPPY SPRING EVERYBODY!

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